Founding Members:

  • Mr_Scary (aka.. Mr_$c@ry, aka.. o0Mr_Scary0o, <^>)
  • Pockets (aka.. UpNUrPockets)
  • Guts (aka.. UpnUrGUTS, aka.. drlamoe)

Contributing Members:

  • GamingTaco71
  • Darkest (aka.. Darfest, aka.. Kills Everyone lol)
  • SuspectTKO

Official Members:

"Upp3rCrusT" Our friend who has ascended but will not be forgotten. R.I.P A real "Die Hard" Gamer. - DayZ, PUBG, BF3, BF4, Squad, GTA V.

To join this community, contact a Member, Mod, or Admin in Discord to be considered. This is not an anyone can join community, all members decide who gets approved. The number 1 rule is "Don't Be Douche" keep that in mind when hanging out in discord. All Douches will be douched from the community.