Broken Bones <^> USOK (DayZ SA Server) Comming Soon....

Feel free to join, however this server is a work in progress as well as the game itself.

Mods ( DZSALauncher ) :

  • CF
  • Banking (ATM)
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • SIX DayZ Auto Run
  • Vanilla Plus Plus
  • Party Me
  • DayZ Expansion Chat
  • Cheytac M200 Arma 2 Port
  • PetyaBuild
  • Server Info Panel
  • Remastered Arma Weapon Pack
  • Trader
  • KillFeed

Use the DZSALauncher -

The information on this page will change as members see fit. Waiting for the DayZ squad image from Pockets..