Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Updating Web Host & Registrar

I've been having issues with my previous web hosting 1AND1/IONOS.
Having been with them for almost 20 years, and my last package contract was over 7 years.
I have decided to cancel my services with them due to up charging & price increases.

I was being charged for PHP5 support.
Domain prices were being raised almost every couple months.
Website loading times were unacceptable for the price I was paying

Hosting $16.99 a month (Slow loading my sites and images)
PHP5 $8.71 a month (Why did they start charging me for this)
Domains $15.71 a year (Without Privacy)
Not to mention I was paying for domains that were supposed to be included in package.
I was paying the yearly fee on 2 of my domains for years. They were not interested in giving me any kind of credit what so ever. just "Sorry"

I'm having issues transferring my last domain, hopefully get that solved soon...

I transferred All my domains to Google Domains for $12 a month and includes domain privacy
I also get this free Blogger which I like very much, I have used it in the past.

I can use any web host I want, or use the Blogger, or Redirect my domains to wherever I want.
Also includes free email forwarding, or you can get G-Suite which I have for one of my domains.
Otherwise get a free gmail account and forward your email@domain

So far I am saving a ton of money and not paying for extra features I do not need, and getting charged for things I should not be.

Besides Google is the only service I have actually been able to profit from.

I will still be needing a web host for my local business website, but I have no idea who to use.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, William